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Verify 365 is the world's first client onboarding solution for the legal sector, reducing risk to your law firm with automated NFC ID verifications, AML checks, address verifications and source of funds checks. Fully compliant, fast, secure and loved by lawyers.

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Lawyer 365 is the fastest growing legal advice app in the world and a global virtual law platform where people find legal professionals they can trust. It’s the place where professionals like you can find the ideal clients to grow your law practice. Download the app and try it for free. 

Simple to sign, easy to send, eSign 365 keeps your law firm moving forward from virtually anywhere, at any time. eSign 365 automatically verifies a signer’s government-issued photo IDs. Mobile-friendly and available in over 200 countries, covering over 10,000 government issued IDs. 


About Lawtech 365

Who we are

Founded by lawyers, the team provides holistic technological and software-related solutions for law firms. Over 20 years of experience has led to a deep understanding of the complex requirements of the legal sector. We have an established infrastructure, currently working with over 5,000 lawyers across the world. Our product offering includes our proprietary client onboarding system, virtual law app and an innovative document and ID signing platform. As pioneers, we are at the forefront of the lawtech revolution and we are on a mission to enhance access to legal services. Ours is the first truly digital model to disrupt how the client interacts with the lawyers in a digital world.

Innovation for lawyers

We are revolutionising law through digitisation. Our platforms have been designed around a lawyer's brain to provide legal services for their clients from the palm of their hands. We put lawyers first. To do this we are fast-forwarding the future of lawtech. Making it more innovative. More accessible. Easier for everyone. As pioneers, we are at the forefront of the legal tech revolution and we are on a mission to enhance access to legal services. 

The Law Gazette

"Lawtech 365 cements UK's position as a global legal centre!"

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