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We're pioneering a new era in advanced technology

At Lawtech Software Group, we're pioneering a new era in legal technology with our innovative digital platforms. Our suite of products, including Verify 365, DynamicID, Lexium, and Lawyer 365, is revolutionising how law firms manage compliance, client engagement, and case handling. By integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI-driven biometric verification and next-gen case management tools, we're setting new standards in efficiency and security. Our commitment to advancing legal tech not only enhances the daily operations of law firms but also enriches the overall client experience, making legal services more accessible and streamlined in the digital age.

Our Suite of Advanced Technology Solutions

Lawtech Software Group is revolutionising the legal technology landscape with cutting-edge solutions. Our pioneering Verify 365® platform transforms AML compliance with a fully automated end-to-end digital client onboarding process, harnessing the power of AI for robust biometric ID checks. DynamicID® represents the pinnacle of ID verification technology, with the ability to verify over 15,000 ID documents from over 200 countries using AI and NFC capabilities.


Our Lexium® platform redefines case management, infusing it with advanced data analytics and efficient matter and document management systems. Moreover, Lawyer 365® intake app streamlines the connection between clients and legal professionals, fundamentally altering how legal services are accessed.


Integral to our innovative suite is our advanced e-Payment technology and our state-of-the-art e-Signature platform, enhancing the security and convenience of digital transactions in the legal realm. These groundbreaking technologies underscore our unwavering commitment to elevating efficiency and global accessibility in legal practices.


Lawyer 365 revolutionises legal client engagement with seamless client intake, fee estimation, virtual consultations, and a comprehensive legal marketplace directory.


Verify 365 redefines client onboarding with comprehensive AML checks, integrating biometric ID checks, open banking for funds verification, and global checks for PEPs and sanctions.


Lexium revolutionises case and practice management as a fully integrated platform that streamlines matter management, document management, time tracking, billing and accounts.

DynamicID elevates identity verification  with its AI-tech, capable of verifying over 15,000 ID documents from more than 200 countries, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and security.


ePay support financial transactions in the legal sector with a secure, efficient digital payment system, streamlining the billing and payment process for law firms and their clients.


eSign transforms legal document signing with a secure and intuitive digital platform, simplifying the process of obtaining legally-binding signatures remotely and efficiently.



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