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Empowering the Next Generation of Legaltech Startups

Lawtech Hub by Lawtech Software Group is a dynamic programme dedicated to nurturing and investing in the brightest legaltech startups. We are on a mission to discover and foster innovative technologies that can revolutionise the legal industry. Our platform serves as a springboard for ambitious startups, providing them with the support, capital, resources and networks they need to grow and succeed.

If you're a legaltech startup ready to make a difference, Lawtech Hub is your gateway to success.

Partnering for Success

Joining Lawtech Hub means more than just receiving financial investment. We believe in creating partnerships that provide holistic support to startups. This includes access to our extensive network of law firms, mentorship from industry experts, and the integration of your technology into LSG's broader ecosystem of legaltech products. Our goal is to work closely with you, turning groundbreaking ideas into market-ready solutions.

Join Lawtech Hub

If you're a legaltech startup ready to make a difference, Lawtech Hub is your gateway to success. We are committed to elevating innovative technologies that can redefine legal services. Reach out to us at Lawtech Hub and take the first step towards transforming the legal sector.

We invite applications from legaltech startups that are eager to make a significant impact in the legal domain. Whether you're developing AI-powered legal tools, next-gen case management systems, or any other legaltech innovation, Lawtech Hub is your opportunity to bring your vision to life.


We are particularly keen on supporting startups from diverse backgrounds and regions, offering a global stage for your innovative solutions.


Together, let's build the future of legal technology.

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