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Client intake, fee estimates & legal marketplace

Lawyer 365 is a game-changer in the legal tech space, seamlessly integrated within the Lexium eco-system. It's a vibrant, cutting-edge client intake platform that revolutionises client-lawyer interactions, catering to the needs of today's fast-paced consumers.


With Lawyer 365, clients can swiftly navigate legal services, getting instant quotes & fee estimates, and book & pay for virtual legal consultations at their fingertips.


Lawyer 365 app is the future of client intake & legal consultations, reimagined for the digital age.

Technology trusted by the world's leading law firms:


Grow Your Law Firm with Lawyer 365

Transform your legal practice with Lawyer 365 – the ultimate virtual platform for modern lawyers. Our innovative platform not only simplifies client acquisition through automated marketing but also enhances client interaction with easy video consultations. With our streamlined client intake process, providing quick quotes and fee estimates has never been easier.


Join Lawyer 365 today and step into the future of legal services!


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Elevate your law practice to new heights with Lawyer 365 technology

Our dynamic platform is revolutionising the way lawyers connect with clients, offering an exhilarating opportunity to grow your law firm like never before. Imagine effortlessly attracting clients with our automatic marketing and advertising tools, while enhancing your online presence dramatically. What's more, our groundbreaking iOS and Android app allows you to provide initial legal advice via video from any location, anytime, ensuring you're always within reach of your clients.


Plus, with our intuitive client intake system, you can easily generate quotes and fee estimates, streamlining your client onboarding process. This feature not only impresses potential clients but also sets clear expectations from the start, fostering trust and transparency.


Say goodbye to hidden fees and rigid plans - Lawyer 365 offers flexible options tailored to your unique needs.


Join us now and transform the way you practice law – 365 days a year!

"Since our law firm started using Lawyer 365, things have changed for the better. It's easy to use, saves us time, and our clients love the convenience of video chats and getting instant fee estimates. Our client base has grown too, thanks to the simple marketing tools. Lawyer 365 is a real asset to our firm."

Suezane King // SMQ Legal LLP

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