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Payment solutions made for law firms

Our e-pay technology is exclusively designed for law firms, bringing together a full suite of payment solutions to power your firm's financial transactions. We understand the unique needs of law firms when it comes to accepting payments and managing payouts globally, and our platform is built to cater to these specific requirements.

We enable law firms to effortlessly handle payments and payouts on a global scale. Our system simplifies international transactions, ensuring your firm can operate efficiently no matter where your clients are located.


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Technology trusted by the world's leading law firms:


All-in-One Platform for Law Firm Financial Needs

Our platform is not just a payment processor, it's a comprehensive financial toolkit for law firms. From handling client payments to managing firm expenses and combating fraud, we provide everything your law firm needs to manage its finances effectively and securely.

Revolutionise Your Law Firm with our ePayments Solution

Our ePayment technology offers unparalleled ease and security in financial transactions for law firms. Our state-of-the-art platform ensures that every payment is processed swiftly and securely using Stripe, providing both you and your clients with peace of mind. With robust encryption and fraud protection measures, your firm's financial dealings are always safe.

Whether your clients are local or international, ePayments facilitate seamless transactions across borders. Our platform supports a diverse range of currencies and payment methods, making it simple for your clients to pay in their preferred manner, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

We understand that each law firm has unique financial needs. Our ePayment platform is fully customisable and aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your firm's operational style and client base.


"Once we integrated ePayments into our firm, the impact was immediate. Our clients appreciated the convenience of the payment links, leading to faster settlements. Our accounts team noticed a significant reduction in the time spent on follow-ups. Thanks to ePayments, our average payment times have been reduced remarkably, enhancing both our cash flow and client relations."

Suezane King // SMQ Legal LLP

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