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The Importance of Proprietary Technology: What Does it Mean For Your Firm?

proprietary technology

We all know that the legal landscape is evolving with the introduction of legal technology, transforming law firms for the better. However, legal tech companies strive to have proprietary technology, meaning they own it and can adapt and change the software when necessary, benefiting any firm using it. Let's delve into the details below.

What is Proprietary Technology?

Proprietary technology is essential not just for legal tech companies but for law firms, conveyancers and solicitors, who can reap the rewards of effective, innovative technology, positively shaping the legal sector.

At its essence, proprietary technology encompasses any innovation, system, or specific tool owned exclusively by a business or individual. This ownership extends beyond mere bragging rights; it provides a competitive advantage, serving as the unique ingredient distinguishing a company from its competitors. Imagine it as a secret recipe only one restaurant can offer, attracting food enthusiasts to that specific venue.

However, proprietary technology is more than just a unique product or service. It's something so valuable that it propels a company into a position of market dominance or, at the very least, offers a significant edge. It's just like discovering a treasure chest in a vast ocean with only one map leading to it. This exclusivity is safeguarded legally through patents, copyrights, and trademarks, ensuring that the innovation remains under the company's control.

How does Proprietary Technology benefit your firm?

In the digital age, where ideas can be replicated swiftly, and competition is fierce, proprietary technology allows companies to offer something unique that not just anyone can provide. But it's not just about exclusivity; it's about innovation, driving companies to push the boundaries, think differently, and innovate continuously.

Proprietary technology means a company has the ability to continuously monitor and update where necessary, particularly when legislations and regulations are updated by authority bodies, and this is precisely what benefits firms. For example, with our technology, we can regularly monitor, analyse and update whenever regulation bodies like the Solicitors Regulation Authority announce new rules. For example, a few years ago, when HM Land Registry released the Digital ID Safe Harbour status, we were the first company to adapt our technology in order to allow clients the opportunity to gain this status and reassurance.

The risk is run by legal technology companies who don't own the technology that their platforms use. Given that they don't own the software, they're unable to implement any changes that regulatory bodies release, meaning it could take months or even years for the technology to be updated to the standards set out. This significantly puts your firm at risk as you could be using legal technology that isn't up to legal requirements, risking fines, sanctions and even closure of your firm.

Lawtech Software Group: How Our Technology is Supporting Law Firms World

Proprietary technology brings significant benefits for both us as a company and our clients, who are utilising our core range of products. We are enhancing the client onboarding process, enabling them to streamline due diligence protocols and ensure compliance with the regulation guidelines.

Our technology is fast, effective, and, crucially, adaptable, meaning we can elevate and innovate with our clients firmly in our minds. If you want to know more about the importance of proprietary technology, reach out to one of our experts.

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