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Lawtech Software Group Announces Unprecedented Growth and Global Expansion with Flagship Product Verify 365

London, 18 February 2024Lawtech Software Group, a pioneering force in the legal technology industry, is proud to announce significant milestones and unprecedented growth, underscored by the success of its flagship product, Verify 365.

With the introduction of its proprietary AI biometric software “DynamicID” in 2023, Verify 365 has set new standards in legaltech, showcasing the advanced capabilities and AML compliance solutions that have propelled the company to the forefront of innovation.

"Verify 365 was engineered in the UK with the vision to transform the legal sector through cutting-edge technology and AI, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and compliance. The launch of DynamicID last year has further cemented our position as industry leaders, receiving tremendous traction and acclaim from law firms worldwide. The adoption of Verify 365 and DynamicID has been phenomenal, leading to remarkable growth for the company," said Rudi Kesic, CEO of Lawtech Software Group.

Lawtech Software Group has expanded its operations to Australia and Canada, establishing hubs in Sydney, New York, and Toronto while maintaining its headquarters in the UK, with offices in Birmingham and London. This strategic expansion reflects the company's commitment to providing innovative legal technology solutions on a global scale.

"Our expansion into Australia, US and Canada, along with our hubs in Sydney, New York, and Toronto, represents a significant milestone in our journey. Yet, Birmingham will always remain our home and the heart of our operations," Rudi added.

The development of the Verify 365 platform and the integration of artificial intelligence into Lawtech Software Group's technology stack have been central to the company's success. AI has enabled the platform to offer more sophisticated and efficient solutions, driving the future of legal technology.

Lawtech claims that this “unparalleled success” is not just a product of innovative technology but also stems from its foundational principle - "tech by lawyers for lawyers." This approach ensures that every technology product, including Verify 365 and the upcoming Lexium Practice Management System, is finely tuned to the needs of law firms and lawyers.

"Our platforms are designed by lawyers for lawyers, ensuring an intuitive and efficient experience that resonates with the professional demands of our users," added Rudi. This legal sector understanding gives Lawtech Software Group a distinct edge in creating solutions that truly address the challenges faced by legal practitioners today.

Furthermore, Rudi claims that Lawtech Software Group's commitment to developing all its platforms in-house as “proprietary technologies” sets it apart in a market where competitors often rely on licensed software from third parties. "Owning our technology stack end-to-end not only allows for rapid innovation and customisation but also ensures a level of security and reliability that our clients have come to depend on," he said. "This is a cornerstone of our strategy and a key reason we are poised to grow faster than anyone else in the legaltech industry. When you control the technology, you can quickly adapt to the market's needs and lead the way in setting new standards."

In addition to its global expansion, Lawtech Software Group is significantly bolstering its Verify 365 team in the UK with a strategic expansion in Birmingham. This move underscores the company's commitment to fostering local talent and contributing to regional economic growth. "In February alone, we've created 10 new jobs in Birmingham, with plans to add an additional 20 positions throughout 2024. This expansion not only allows us to tap into Birmingham's rich pool of talent but also reflects our commitment to driving innovation and excellence from within the UK," added Rudi.

In addition to the success of Verify 365, Lawtech Software Group is continuing to invest in its Lexium Practice Management System. This platform represents the latest in their suite of solutions designed to enhance the operational practice efficiency and case management capabilities of legal practices. Scheduled for a global launch in July 2024, Lexium is poised to further demonstrate our commitment to innovation and excellence in the legal tech industry.

Lexium is set to redefine legal practice management by introducing an all-encompassing platform that integrates every critical function a law firm needs into one seamless system. From client intake and due diligence to task and workflow management, client/trust and firm accounting, document management, and beyond, Lexium offers a revolutionary approach to managing a law firm's operations. "Our goal with Lexium is to streamline the complexities of legal practice management, enabling law firms to focus on delivering exceptional client services while maximising operational efficiency," added Rudi. This holistic solution is designed to support law firms in growing faster and more efficiently, by removing operational friction and simplifying every aspect of their business.

Incorporating advanced features such as comprehensive practice management, conveyancing-specific workflows, and due diligence reporting, Lexium will empower law firms and their clients to make informed decisions swiftly and with confidence. "Lexium is a game-changer for legal practices, offering robust conveyancing capabilities, secure document management, and innovative client onboarding processes. It's about providing a singular, streamlined experience that no other platform can match," Rudi adds. By leveraging Lexium, firms will have access to a tech platform that evolves continuously, introducing new integrations and enhancements that keep pace with the changing needs of the legal industry and its clients.

Rudi said, "The integration of AI into our technology has huge potential to revolutionise how law firms operate. We're not just keeping pace with technology - we're defining it. Our commitment to AI and innovation has propelled our growth and will continue to drive the legal industry forward."

Lawtech Software Group's achievements are a testament to its dedication to excellence and innovation. As the company looks to the future, it remains focused on developing groundbreaking legaltech solutions that address the evolving needs of the legal sector.


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About Lawtech Software Group:

Lawtech Software Group is a leading provider of legal technology solutions, specialising in AML compliance and ID verification software through its flagship Verify 365 risk management technology platform. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Lawtech Software Group is dedicated to transforming the legal industry through advanced technology.

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