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Lawtech 365 Launch Global Hunt for Revolutionary Legaltech Startups

The UK-based Lawtech 365 Group is on a strategic mission to discover and invest in promising legaltech startups, particularly targeting regions such as East Europe and South Asia, which traditionally have limited access to capital and marketplaces.

As the global legaltech market thrives, expected to soar from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $15.9 billion by 2027, Lawtech 365 are keen on ensuring that innovative legal technology startups, regardless of their geographical location, have a fair shot at contributing to and benefiting from this growth.

The initiative by Lawtech 365 comes at a critical juncture when the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in legal processes is redefining the legal landscape, making legal services more efficient and accessible. The UK, being a hub of legaltech innovation, stands at the cusp of leading this global transformation, with companies such as Lawtech 365 steering the charge.

Search for innovative legaltech startups with real potential

Rudi Kesic, CEO of Lawtech 365 Group, shared his thoughts on this initiative, "We are looking for innovative legaltech startups with the potential to break the mould, especially those from regions like East Europe, the Baltics, and Southeast Asia, where access to capital and marketplaces is constrained. Our launchpad programme is designed to offer these startups a gateway to prominent legal markets including the UK, Australia, Canada, the US, and the EU."

Lawtech 365 are specifically interested in startups in their early stages — ideally under 12 months old, pre-trading, but with a fully functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The collaboration with Lawtech 365 will provide an unparalleled platform for these startups, allowing them to showcase and refine their software solutions through Lawtech Group’s global client base.

Mr. Kesic said that the partnership extends beyond just capital, focussed on integrating the startups into Lawtech 365’s current suite of innovative products, enabling a smoother transition from concept to a market-ready product. This symbiotic relationship aims to shorten the journey to market penetration significantly, especially for startups from regions with great potential but traditionally lesser access to financial resources.

The power of collaboration

Mr. Kesic added, "We believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to providing a platform where innovative legaltech solutions can thrive and gain access to a global legal marketplace, including the UK, Australia and Canada. It's about creating real value, gaining market access, and driving the collective growth of the legaltech sector globally."

This initiative underscores Lawtech 365’s broader ambition of revolutionising the legal sector on a global scale and showcases the UK's pivotal role in leading the legaltech discourse.

Startups ready to embark on this collaborative journey are encouraged to reach out to Lawtech 365 at, stepping into a realm of endless possibilities in the global legaltech landscape.

About Lawtech 365 Group

Lawtech 365 Group is a visionary legal software company headquartered in the UK, dedicated to harnessing the power of legal technology to revolutionise the legal sector. With a robust portfolio of innovative solutions and platforms such as the globally acclaimed Risk & Compliance Technology, Lawtech 365 stands as a beacon of innovation in the legaltech landscape. Its primary mission is to develop, scout, nurture, and invest in promising legaltech startups, especially from regions with limited access to resources, thus fostering a global ecosystem of legal innovation. By providing a synergistic platform for collaboration, capital infusion, and market access, Lawtech 365 aims to accelerate the transition of groundbreaking legal software solutions from concept to market-ready products. Through its initiatives, Lawtech 365 Group not only underscores the UK's leadership in the global legaltech arena but also sets the stage for a collaborative global effort towards a more efficient, accessible, and tech-driven legal sector.

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