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Lawtech Software Group is growing!

Q1 has been a whirlwind of activity here at Lawtech, with a plethora of exciting developments, acquisitions, and future plans unfurling before us.

Firstly, let's start with a warm welcome to our newest team member, Matthew, who stepped into the role of Marketing Executive with boundless enthusiasm for the world of legal tech. Matthew's keen insight and dedication have been instrumental in amplifying the visibility of our innovative AML & Compliance Software, Verify 365. Through his creative social media posts, compelling articles, and PR initiatives, Matthew has not only propelled the growth of Verify 365 but has also supported the reputation of Lawtech Software Group.

Shortly thereafter, Ben joined the Lawtech team, bringing with him a wealth of creativity and expertise as our Graphic Designer. His penchant for out-of-the-box thinking and eye-catching designs has brought a fresh perspective into our marketing activities, setting Verify 365 and Lawtech Software Group apart in the competitive landscape of legal tech.

As March drew to a close, our team gained two new team members in one day with the addition of Adam and Kate. Adam's arrival in our customer services department at Verify 365 has been met with resounding positivity, as his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and support shines through. Meanwhile, Kate steps into the role of Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Lawtech Software Group, poised to lead our marketing initiatives while nurturing the invaluable relationships we've cultivated with esteemed partners such as Actionstep, Accesspoint, and Clio.

But the crescendo of Q1's achievements came with the unveiling of our new office space! With our team rapidly expanding, it was high time for our workspace to undergo a transformation. We've traded up to a larger, more dynamic office environment, providing each team member with their own dedicated workspace within their respective departments. Equipped with state-of-the-art double screens and ergonomically designed setups, our new office layout promises to enhance productivity and streamline collaboration across the board.

We're excited for the future of Lawtech Software Group and can't wait to see what Q2 brings!

Photo: the stellar marketing trio - Ben, Kate, and Matthew

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